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We thank our Leader, Teacher and Guide: The Honorable, Pastor Gino Jennings for his hard work and obedience to the One and only True and Living God; Jesus Christ.

As you may or may not know we made settlement on our new International Headquarters Temple on June 29, 2016. This was no easy task and many obstacles were present.

Our Pastor searched by faith for another location beginning in early 2014 because the parishioners outgrew the Frankford Avenue location. Also, the deterioration of the building in which we worshipped, for over 25 years, was extensive.



Frankford was sold in April of 2016, but we did not have a place to worship. It was Pastor Jennings‟ faith in God that allowed us to finalize the deal. During this process, Pastor Jennings faced harsh criticisms and false allegations shortly after he announced the planned purchase and asked the saints to “sacrifice one thousand dollars.” People speculated he would steal the money and leave the country. Members complained about the condition of the temple incessantly.

To add insult to injury, someone called the Licenses and Inspection Division of the city to request that the temple be closed in light of the problems. All the while, approvals and inspections at the Lindley Avenue temple caused initial closure dates to be delayed or canceled. Nevertheless, Pastor remained focused. Through his faith in God, he persevered through the discouragement of people 

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